Does Live Chat Generate Leads?

Live Chat Lead Generation - SmartChat

“Did you know that 95% of the average dealership’s site visitors will defect from their website ?” asks Brad Title, CEO and Co-Founder of Gubagoo.

There are many factors that could make your traffic abandon your dealer’s website, one is  the lack of engagement, meaningful information and relevant offers among others.

The fact is that capturing the voice of the customer is more difficult with the web, but it can be done, and reality is that you can’t fix it if you can’t see it. Here are some tools to get you started:

  1. Google Analytics: is a free tool from Google, it helps you track your website visitors giving you detailed statistics, where they came from and which links they clicked on.
  2. Live Chat: Live chat can allow you to hear from visitors who wouldn’t call you, most people prefer live chat because is convenient (sometimes the customer is at a public place or at work and don’t want to be heard but they can chat from they’re phone, it also provides customers immediate access to help. Additionally, the pain of having to dial a 1-800 number and navigate through a maze of numeric options is non-existent.

With a tool like ChatSmart™ from Gubagoo® you can engage your audience better and CONVERT!.

Convert – the magic word – Now, in order to convert your website traffic, you need to get into your audience’s mind to find out what they are interested in, how they browse the web and what makes them click – literally.

Gubagoo adds the ‘Brain’. With our Behavioral Engagement & Scoring Technology we can tag, track and score each individual visitor arriving at your dealer’s website and their behavior (the exact cars they looked at, pages visited, if they looked at specific offers, etc.) that way, when we engage on a Live Chat we can talk WITH them and not talk AT them.

Finally, the question again is: Does Live Chat can Generate Leads for your Car Dealership? – and the answer is: ABSOLUTELY! –

Other Benefits:

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Speed up your customer service
  • Sign up once, get tons of new chat leads everyday
  • Save money on staff: One Live Chat agent talks with 10 times more people than a phone agent.
  • Chat on your desktop, table or mobile.
  • Secure: only you will have access to this chat data and leads

Need more reasons? Chat with us now and we can answer any other questions you may have.