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According to, Gubagoo is a trusted provider program that offers revolutionary behavioral engagement and scoring technologies. And In case you didn’t know, Gubagoo is also the fastest growing chat and website engagement provider for dealerships. With over one thousand dealership sites using ChatSmart, conversion rates have been increasing.

“Gubagoo is a chat solution that proactively engages with site visitors rather than simply interrupting and talking at them. A recent study showed that ChatSmart consistently delivers a 77% chat-to-lead conversion rate,” said Brad Title, CEO of Gubagoo Inc. “We’re thrilled to be selected as a Certified Provider and look forward to providing our solution to their dealer partners.”

TalkSmart is another impressive tool we offer. Just like our recent Facebook status states, “When you think smart you TalkSmart”! This is not only clever but also true. You see TalkSmart is your backup for when you’re not around to answer consumer questions. TalkSmart is available and they are there 24/7/365 days out of the year! Talk about peace of mind knowing that when you’re sleeping your dealership is ceasing every opportunity to convert. Now you can sleep knowing that agents who are experts in the automotive industry are providing accurate information to people visiting your site by phone! These are some of the benefits of TalkSmart:


  • Sales Appointment Scheduling
  • Service Appointment Scheduling
  • Flexible Service 24/7/365
    • Business Hours
    • After hours


  • Hybrid Chat/Call Agents
  • In-Store & BDC Solution
  • Powered by B.E.A.S.T
  • Fully Managed
  • Dynamic Scripting Engine
  • Inventory Feeds Integrated
  • Predictive Vehicle Matching
  • Publisher+ Integrated
  • HTML Email Sent to Shopper Summarizing all Vehicles and Offers on the Fly
  • LEADSMART – Up to 27 Lead Attributes Pushed to Your CRM
  • Pay Only When Used

Gubagoo doesn’t stop there. Going mobile was perhaps the best thing we did. As technology advances so should companies and how they do business and that’s exactly what Gubagoo did. Knowing that this generation and generations to come are using their smart phones more than ever, we decided to Go-Mobile. This tool is usable on all mobile devices! So if one of your visitors has an android or an iPhone they will still be able to communicate with an agent perhaps on their way to your dealership!

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Why is BDC good for your dealership? Considering Outsourced?

Traditionally, the Automotive BDC specifically refers to an in-house call center staffed and managed by the Dealership that handle their customer contacts, service, follow-up, appointment setting, etc.

More and more, Auto Dealers are finding ways to reduce the high-costs associated with an in-house BDC such as payroll, training, and equipment. Many Dealers have found success by outsourcing their BDC tasks to an outside professional call-center that can set appointments for service and sales, and gauge customer satisfaction. Like the sales side, the BDC can capture inbound calls for service and sales appointments, creating quality traffic and increasing business. Keep in mind that the greatest ROI comes from creating incremental sales from opportunities you would have lost.

The biggest advantage to having a Business Development Center (BDC) is convenience and time savings. With the majority of pone calls to dealers occurring in the morning, mid-day and late afternoon, which are the same times that advisors and sales staff are working hard on the floor with their existing customers, a BDC serving to handle this gap can help increase appointments, sales and customer retention and free the sales staff to provide customers who are present in the dealership with service and personalized attention.

Here are some benefits to outsourcing your BDC needs to Gubagoo:

When signing up with TalkSmart, dealers have total flexibility in set-up: they can choose to use the TalkSmart call center for all incoming calls – turn it on for just after-hours – or to take every showroom and service department call after the fourth ring, to protect against missed opportunities and frustrated customers. The U.S. based phone agents can intelligently discuss, automatically display and send offers or incentives on relevant dealer inventory and that is 24/7 call solution.

Since Gubagoo’s Behavioral Engagement and Scoring Technology has already tracked the visitor’s site behavior, After every call, the dealership is sent all these highly motivated leads, with the caller’s contact info, the vehicles they’re interested in, and a complete transcript of the call. The TalkSmart platform seamlessly inserts all this data into a dealer’s C.R.M. system to make following up on these sales opportunities easy.


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